Inside Out 48: Veteran Appreciation

02.09.11 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Last month I was sitting in McDonald’s and I noticed an elderly man in a nearby booth. He was wearing both a cap and a jacket branding him as a WWII veteran. As I continued eating my lunch, a young couple walked into the restaurant, and after they had ordered their meal they walked directly over to the man. They did not know him, but they seemed intent on starting a conversation so that they could thank him for his military service. I found myself smiling at their initiative.

I haven’t gotten the poise and generous spirit of this college age couple out of my mind; I also keep remembering the warm reception they received from the veteran. No matter how we feel about war, you and I are surrounded by men and women who invested years of their youth and often a great measure of their good health in something greater than themselves. I began wondering about the practical ways you and I could show our appreciation to individual veterans---without depending on chance restaurant conversations.

To find out, I turned to Lynn Dinehart. She works with the veterans at the Bath, NY Veteran’s Administration Center as the manager of volunteer and recreational services. Join us to learn what she has to say about the little and big ways you and I can enrich the life of a veteran who lives at the VA. Maybe, after we know this, we will be better prepared to also enrich the lives of the veterans who live down the street from us.

Learn more about opportunities to volunteer with the Bath VA, contact Lynn Dinehart, or see a “wish list” of items that can make a veteran’s life more enjoyable.


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on 02.09.11 Ron commented

Listening to your presentation on the radio, I found the background music (a repeated phrase of muted notes played on a synthesiser) pretty annoying and distracting. I think it would be better just to hear your wonderful voices.

on 02.10.11 Shannon commented

Including the link with the written summary was helpful. Thank you for the information and for highlighting the veterans, who are an important part of our community.




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