Inside Out 38: Singled Out

01.07.11 | Kurt Goff

Singles can feel... well…singled out.


Lacking an important piece in the puzzle of life.

I’ve been there.

Maybe you’re there now.

Are you in your 20’s?


I could continue and impress you with my counting abilities but you know what I mean.

Recent statistics even indicate the number of singles in their 50’s and 60’s is exploding right now.

In the church too. 

“Lord… do you have someone special for me?”

 “When can this stage of my life be over?”

“Do I have the so-called gift of singleness?”

“Should I use the Internet to meet someone?”

“Singles groups at church are making me more discouraged than ever!”

Pat answers from well meaning friends don’t cut it on a lonely Friday night as life segues into another weekend.

God is there.

You know that.

But wouldn’t it be nice to get a word of encouragement about now?

Listen to my conversation with former pro hockey player Bob Froese.

He’s going to be the main speaker at our singles conference Under Construction: God at Work February 25-27th 2011.

Click here for the details.

Who knows?

You just might be singled out again.

This time for a blessing.


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on 01.19.11 jackie commented

Enjoyed listening to the podcast. I have invited more than 20 singles to the conference and i have gotten the response from some ...oh i dont want to go just to "find the right one". I have emphasized that we have worship, the main speaker, fellowship, workshops, and dinners, along with free time to spend with others. Meeting new and old friends!! Come and enjoy....spend it getting closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.




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