Inside Out 36: Marketplace Ministry - Entertainment

12.28.10 | Martha Manikas-Foster

God calls us all to “full-time Christian ministry.” For a great number of us, that ministry is in the workplace: the office, the loading dock or the retail shop. For actor Muse Watson, it’s the soundstage where he finds himself most often, a place where he believes that faith does make a difference. 

Watson has appeared in 44 feature-length films, and currently can be seen in the Trost Moving Pictures inspirational film A Christmas Snow. Watson also appears in the upcoming spring 2011 inspirational film The Lamp, also produced by Christian filmmaker Tracy Trost for Trost Moving Pictures. On television you may know Watson as the recurring character Mike Franks on the television drama NCIS.

Join Watson for a discussion about faith, acting, and what he thinks makes for a great work environment. It’s an answer we may all want to keep in mind, even if we never find ourselves near a sound stage.

To learn more about Watson’s movie A Christmas Snowclick here.

To read up on the upcoming Trost Moving Pictures release The Lamp, click here.


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