Inside Out 34: Salvation Army's Red Kettles

12.22.10 | Martha Manikas-Foster

The Salvation Army feeds empty stomachs and hungry souls, and it’s the money we toss into the ubiquitous red kettles that helps make this possible.

I didn’t always know this. As a young adult, when I thought about the Salvation Army---if I thought about the Salvation Army---I surmised that it must be something like the “Save a Soul Mission” featured in the Broadway musical “Guys and Dolls.” I didn’t know it was a church, and I didn’t have any idea it had a rich history of sponsoring hospitals, teaching the blind and fighting human trafficking.

Now I know more. And among the things I know is that the bell ringers stationed by the kettles in November and December---often in the wind and cold---are standing by the Salvation Army’s major fund-raising source for an entire year’s worth of  food pantries or after-school programs.

Why not join me for this conversation with Captain Rodney Fowles of Hornell, NY? Maybe we’ll answer your questions about what members of this denomination refer to as “the Army.”


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