Inside Out 32: A Santa Keeps the Christ in Christmas

12.16.10 | Kurt Goff

io-santa“This Santa can only be described as the real thing.”-Tom Brokaw, NBC News

Nice compliment... Ed Butchart!

He simply shrugs it off.

“That’s very kind of him to say that but it’s the Lord Jesus who gets all the glory.”

A typical response from a man who has taken the real message of Christmas to places large and small… friendly and unfriendly… for decades.

The white beard is very real.

So too is the compassion and love that fuels the ministry he began to help provide free medical equipment to needy folks all over the world.

io-diariesIt’s called Friends of Disabled Adults and Children:

A visit with this St. Nicholas will warm your heart.

I know.

Mine is still glowing.



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on 12.16.10 Patty commented

Rolling out Christmas cookies while listening to FLN and having a great time hearing about Santa and his ministry. A special thank you to your ministry staff. God bless you. (Listening from the Rocky Mountains in Alberta Canada.)




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