Inside Out 310: Mom Seeks God

04.23.14 | Martha Manikas-Foster

It’s hard to feed your soul when you’re learning to feed and protect a newborn. But what happens to your growth as a disciple of Christ when the demands of motherhood leave you too tired for prayer, meditation, Bible study, or worship . . . right when you’re growing the most aware of own vulnerabilities?

“I had my wonderful son, but I didn’t have the time to myself and the quiet that I thought that I needed to have times for prayer and time to study the Bible,” says Julia Roller. “So I was kind of at a loss. I really didn’t know how to fit those ways of connecting with God into my new life as a mom.”

Julia Roller’s the author of the new book Mom Seeks God: Practicing Grace in the Chaos. She’s our guest for this 12-minute Inside Out conversation.

“I wanted to have that connection with God-- I knew how much I needed it. Especially after becoming a mom I felt so confronted with my own limits,” she says in our recorded conversation. “You have this wonderful--but very demanding--job, and it’s constant. And you know you’re so tired. Emotionally tired and physically tired.”

Roller’s book grows out of her hope to practice 10 different spiritual disciplines in ways that would help her grow closer to Jesus and also fit into the unpredictable schedule of motherhood.

“I felt guilty all the time about not praying enough, not studying the Bible enough, and that was the wrong way to go about it. Every time I felt guilty--that was a missed opportunity. I could have been thanking God for the gift of my son, especially when I was trying to practice prayer in a more direct way,” she says.

“I came to this understanding that the things I was doing as a mother were in themselves . . . spiritual practices. And that was just an incredibly transformative idea.”

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Learn more about the book Mom Seeks God: Practicing Grace in the Chaos.

Connect with Julia Roller’s blog.


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