Inside Out 31: Gambling Just a Game?

12.15.10 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Las Vegas and Atlantic City once cornered the market on legalized gambling, but it’s no news that we live by different rules today. We run into gambling on television and at the convenience store check-out, and most of us live within a few hundred miles of a casino.

Should we question whether gambling is just another form of entertainment? Is there a negative impact on communities that should give us pause?  What, in practical terms, is the downside for families---and specifically for children?

Joining me as I begin to explore this question is Dianne Berlin, former vice chair of the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling and a founding member of Pennsylvanians Against Gambling Expansion. For Berlin’s brochure “Teaching Children About Gambling,” follow this link:


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on 12.15.10 Ken DeJong commented

Thanks to Dianne for speaking out in a loving way for those who fall into the sin of gambling.

This vise is promoted in so many states as an economic boost for communities when the truth is those gains are at the loss of so many who regret it later and so promotion of gamblig is not love for your neighbor.

on 12.15.10 Paul B. Scott commented

To quote the "wisest man who ever lived," "The love of money is the root of all evil." This greed is played out in not only the gambling industry but also in the production and sale of both legal and illegal, harmful drugs.

My gratitude to Diane Berlin and Martha Manikas for this timely, well-prepared presentation on the growing problem of legalized gambling in America.




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