Inside Out 307: Jesus at Work

03.26.14 | Martha Manikas-Foster

How might faith in Jesus Christ transform your workplace? How might what you believe—and Who you believe in--flavor the way you hire people, how employees treat each other, and even what your business does to contribute to “the peace and prosperity of the city”?

Zach Smith knows. He’s the chief estimator for an electrical contracting business out of Vestal NY, and the author of an award-winning 2013 Christianity Today essay “Christ Among the Contractors.” He says that his employer at Nelson’s Lamp Lighters lives out his faith in a way that distinguishes this workplace from many others.  

“Perhaps the greatest thing Phil has given to me,” Smith says of his employer Phil Nelson, “is a picture of an embodied Christ, a tradesman crafting a work environment where integrity, human dignity, and empowerment are simply part of the daily grind.”

Join us for a conversation about employers taking risks, listening to employee’s concerns, and accepting criticism. “Treating employees with respect—I think that goes a long way toward creating this kind of company culture we’re talking about,” Smith says. “And I think that’s the example we see of Christ in Scripture.”

We spend most of our Mondays through Fridays in the offices and shops and labs and stores where we work. If you want to be more intentional about your faith in the workplace, if you’re working to integrate what’s important to you into all aspects of your life, this Inside Out conversation is for you.

“Businessmen, Businesswomen, we need to ground ourselves—personally--in the person and work of Christ,” Smith counsels. “That sounds really broad, I know, but what it comes down to is walking and living and working in whatever line of work we do, in our communities that we’re placed in, and ultimately for that common good.”

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You can also read Smith’s essay, “Christ Among the Contractors.”

“The motivation has to be,” Smith says, “‘This is what Christ did for us, and so this is what we need to do for everyone else.’”


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