Inside Out 306: It's Going to Be Okay

03.19.14 | Martha Manikas-Foster

“It’s very easy when we’re struggling or hurting to want to just shut the door and not let anyone see,” says Holley Gerth, our guest for this edition of Inside Out. “But we really are made to go through life with other people and to experience God’s love through them so we don’t still feel alone.”

God is big and strong and loving and forgiving. He promises to accompany us all of the time—including through the most harrowing and painful times. But sometimes knowing this doesn’t reach the part of our hearts that hurts the most.

In her new book You’re Going to Be Okay, Gerth assures us that what we know to be true about God continues to be true even when we don’t feel it. A few healthy strategies can help turn that “head knowledge” into something we can see as reality in our lives, she says: enlist the support of a trusted friend, read a book tailor-made for your situation, and consider talking with a counselor or doctor.

Asking a friend to support us through a tough time might be both the most logical and most risky step of all. What happens if we expose our pain but our friends can’t handle it?

“Love is always risky, and we get hurt and we want to hide when we get hurt. And that can cause us to be isolated,” she says. “I sure wish God had said that you only need to love if it’s safe, but, coming from our Savior, who was crucified--and had His closest friends abandon Him during that time---I think He still asks that of us. And He knows the hurt that can come from it and He promises to help us through that.”

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You can also learn more about Holley Gerth’s book You’re Going to Be Okay.

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