Inside Out 304: Ministry in the Marketplace

02.26.14 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Do you see your job as ministry—ministry in the marketplace? It may be easier to think of people freeing slaves in Southeast Asia as the ones doing God’s work than to consider approaching our 9 to 5 lives as contributions to God’s Kingdom. If we’re honest, we may believe that it’s nobler to tell people about Jesus in a country closed to the Gospel--or to feed refugees in South Sudan--than to work as a clerk for the electric company or serve customers at the corner diner.

But you don’t have to be teaching former slaves a new trade for your job to be ministry. In fact, most work can be Kingdom work, says Mark Sheerin, if you are motivated by a call from God to do the work and to do it well.

“If He has called you to sweep streets--then sweep streets for the glory of God,” Sheerin says. “If He’s called you to be a pastor--that’s great. But to say that one is more important or that God values one more than another, I think is really to miss what Jesus has come to do.”

Sheerin is a financial planner in Atlanta who once worked on the “front lines” of ministry with World Vision. He’s the author of the award-winning essay, “Why I Left World Vision for Finance.” 

Join us for a conversation about following God’s call into the marketplace.

Read Mark Sheerin’s essay, “Why I Left World Vision for Finance.”


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on 02.28.14 Concerned For the Kingdom commented

This piece assumes the doctrine of Dominionism, common in Reformed circles. There's an underlying theology behind it that not every listener would resonate with.

There's an article written in response to this:




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