Inside Out 303: Love Your Neighbors

02.12.14 | Martha Manikas-Foster

We’re told to love our neighbors. The whole of the law and the prophets, Jesus tells us, hang on both loving God wholeheartedly and loving our neighbor as ourselves. One of Jesus’ best-known stories is about this--the one about a traveling Samaritan who cared for a Jewish stranger.

Still, we have difficulty loving our neighbors. Often we don’t even know them. Our own busyness and maybe a fear of rejection can keep us from crossing the street or walking down the hallway to get to know the people who live or work beside us.

And sometimes we don’t know our neighbors because we decide not to try.

“Sometimes we decide that, well, that person doesn’t look like me or doesn’t have the same interests. Or maybe you know that that person has a different belief,” observes today’s Inside Out guest Dr.Elena Foulis. “And you decide that, no, we probably wouldn’t agree on many things or there might be conflict and decide not to go that route.”

Elena teaches Spanish and Portuguese at Ohio State University. She knows the barriers along the path toward loving our neighbors. But she also knows the rewards of making the effort.

“One of the things that I think is important to remember is that we can make a difference in someone’s life,” she says. “And in the process we make a difference in our own lives.”

God does not ask us to do anything that we’re not capable of doing with His help, she reminds us.

“Being obedient to God’s command is really a blessing to us—as it is to others. I think that’s one thing to remember as we go through this journey of building relationships with our neighbors.”

Hear what Elena has to say in our seven and a half minute conversation by clicking on the LISTEN or DOWNLOAD icon above. Let us know what you think by typing a comment or two below.

You can also read Elena’s blog post “Christians Can't Be Too Busy to Love Their Neighbors.”


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