Inside Out 3: Job Calling

09.29.10 | Martha Manikas-Foster

We want straightforward answers. I think we especially want straightforward answers from God. So when we’re first looking for a job, or looking for a job again in this uncertain economy, it’s natural to hope that God will pull out both the neon and the loudspeakers to help us find his plan for us in the job market.

Today’s guest on Inside Out doesn’t have a lot to say about either neon or loudspeakers. He’s Clement Boyd, of Beavercreek, Ohio, a pastor in Dayton, OH and the author of the book What Does God Want Me to Do? Learn from Others the Right Road for You. Boyd’s had an interesting life, interesting jobs, and a continued belief that God has designed each of us to do exemplary work. Though it may sound cliché, he believes we should approach a job search the same way we should approach life---by totally abandoning ourselves to the God who designed us.

Give us a listen.

To take a mission/vision exercise developed by Clem Boyd, or to learn more about the author, visit Boyd’s website at For information on his book What Does God Want Me to Do, log on to


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