Inside Out 299: The Women of Christmas

12.17.13 | Martha Manikas-Foster

What has to rank first among God’s startling strategies for wooing His creation is that He entered the world as a human at all. That He did this through the womb of poor young woman should only magnify our astonishment. We’ve grown so accustomed to the story of the Incarnation that sometimes I wonder if we’re appropriately surprised that the Creator of silk worms and goose feathers may have nestled into a feed trough lined with straw for His first night’s sleep on earth.

Not much farther down the list of surprises (given the society at the time) is that God placed women—three women in particular—in strategic positions at Christmas: to prepare for His coming, to carry Him into this world, and to announce His arrival.

Liz Curtis Higgs invites us to look at the story of Emmanuel--God with Us—through the eyes of these women: “Elizabeth the Barren, Mary the Virgin, Anna the Widow. None of them would have been put on the cover of Life Magazine,” she says. “And God blessed each one of them in such amazing ways that we can look at that and say, ‘Lord, I need to hear this, too.’”

Elizabeth, Mary and Anna show us how much God loves and values women. They also challenge us not only to believe, but to trust enough to live out that belief. These women—at different ages and different stages of life--heard the call of God and followed that call with very little of what we would call explanation or proof.

“What is that going to look like if you trust God with everything? With your life? With your womb? With your future? If you trust him fully, what is that going to look like today-- at this hour of the day? How’s that going to change how you live?”

Christmas is a good time to spend time figuring this out.

“People say, ‘He’s the reason for the season,’” Liz says. “I’ll go shorter than that: ‘He’s the reason…period.’ He’s the reason. I think these three women knew that—absolutely knew that--and that’s what we learn from them. And of course that’s what Christ wants to teach us about Himself. I AM. That’s it.”

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You can also learn more about the book The Women of Christmas and Liz Curtis Higgs.


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