Inside Out 295: Reflect God's Glory

11.06.13 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Have you thought of your life as, let’s say, an arrow, pointing toward one great thing that you are supposed to do for God?

“I think that is a typical way that people sometimes think,” says today’s Inside Out guest Emily Freeman. “But I think it’s the wrong way. I don’t think it’s the best way. I believe that we were made to glorify God, but not just in one way--that we’ll do it in a million little ways.”

Emily is the author of the newly released book A Million Little Ways: Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live.

Adjusting our expectations away from looking for one big contribution we’re to make for God will quiet the fear that somehow we missed the big opportunity God had planned. Appreciating that we’ll never really “have what it takes” to succeed on our own will also put us in the right place to do precisely what God has in mind: give us the opportunity to reflect His glory.

“The best thing I can do is to admit, you know what? I don’t have what it takes,” Emily says. “And I feel like it’s almost like Jesus does the slow clap for me. Like, finally, she gets it. She doesn’t have what it takes.

It defies much of what we’ve been taught, but Emily Freeman wants us to believe that not only is there likely to be no one big thing we were destined to do, but our expertise and capabilities are also not the point.The point, actually,the big thing, the focus—is that God is the Artist, and we are His creation. We are His art. What we do—what we make—how we relate to others—all of this is a reflection of His glory. Knowing this can free us.

If my identity is tied up in the work that I do or the art that I make, then my identity is always up for grabs because it’s always on this rollercoaster of proving myself or of disappointing myself in the eyes of either me or others,” she says.

And when we allow ourselves, as fallible as we are, to live fully and express ourselves in the unique ways we were made to flourish, then we are in a wonderful position to bring God glory.

“If Christ is within you, then He wants to come out. And He’s going to do that in a million little ways. And the way He’s going to do that through you is going to look different than the way He’ll do it through me, but simply show up, where you are, with what you hold in your hands, and offer whatever it is.”

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