Inside Out 294: Moving Pains

10.30.13 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Making a move doesn’t just change your address—it changes your life. Author Marlena Graves knows this. She’s developed several strategies for people like herself who have just moved and need to “bring ourselves out of loneliness and into community.”

Don’t skip over that part about loneliness. It’s real.

“Grief is part of the moving process,” Marlena says. “And sometimes we don’t know that a move is coming, so it might happen suddenly, other times we know that it’s coming, but we aren’t always prepared for the grief that we experience.”

Join us for a comforting and very practical conversation that acknowledges your grief, but also outlines some concrete ideas for becoming a part of your new community. Marlena has an eye not only on how to fit into a community, but also how to bless this new place you call home.

“Our moving should be a blessing to the people in our new communities, even if they don’t know us,” she says. “Because we’re Christians, we’re like Jesus. And wherever Jesus goes, He brings love and peace and shalom to the area that He’s in. And because we are vessels of Christ-- because He lives in us--we should bring the same things to the people where we’re at.”

Join us by clicking on the Listen or Download icon above for our full conversation about moving. Then let us know what you think by typing a comment or two below.

Read Marlena’s her.meneutics blog post “Moving Pains: The Disorientating Grief of Transitions”

Read more from Marlena on her website.


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