Inside Out 280: Hope in Kenya

05.22.13 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Please note: Today’s Inside Out interview focuses on one educational program’s work to bring hope into a situation filled with great darkness. Because of the description of life on the street for homeless children in Kenya, please be aware that this podcast includes information that will be unsettling to hear.

Every country—every culture—has the challenge of providing a foundation for its youngest members. Our hope is to provide what is needed so that when they grow they can build safe and successful lives for themselves--and for the generations that follow. In Kenya, one of the challenges is the issue of child homelessness. Poverty, political instability, and the AIDS pandemic have contributed to a large number of internally displaced people in Kenya—including in and near Kitale.

Join us for a conversation with Margaret Wanyonyi, founder and principal of the Purpose Driven Academy in Kitale, in Kenya’s North Rift Valley. We talk about the despair of living on the streets and the hope for children that can come through education.

“I see that as an answer, because every child needs education to survive. And if their lives are going to be any different, they have to get this education. It’s education that puts the rich and the poor at the same level. . . . When I have education, I can go to an office seeking for a job that a son or a daughter of a rich man goes for. So, I believe by giving them an education, I’m causing change.”

For Margaret, and the Deliverance Church of Kitale which sponsors the church as an educational outreach, it is important to provide spiritual as well as academic training.

“In our school we not only give the academics, we give the spiritual part of it,” Margaret says. “So we develop a whole person--a person who knows God and a person who has the academics. So we are also affecting the morals of our country by providing the education for them.”

Join us (by clicking on an icon above) for a conversation about the life of children on the street, the despair of the Glue Kids, and Margaret’s students who have gone on for university study. Please remember that this conversation is frank and, at times, unsettling.

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on 05.22.13 Charlene Kociuba commented

I was priviledged to host Margaret in my home. We've become good friends since August 2012. BNICE ministry is sending her books, books that the children have never handled, seen or studied. Margaret wanted to meet the one that is offering a changing Culture of Reading at Purpose Driven Academy in Kitale, Kenya. Feel free to pack a box of good books, bibles, bible stories, easy readers, chapter books.. fill with extras like pencils, erasers, markers and crayons.
PDA needs volunteer teams, to help do some of the hard work include maintainance, conduct youth and children's biblical activities, read and discuss a good novel, clean and provide nourishment to visitors that come for a personal bath each week, go about helping do the kinds of deeds the Purpose Driven Church regularly does. Men need NIV and NASB, English bibles, the Impact Bible College needs curriculum based materials. There is so much help needed but also the 65 fully orphaned children need to be sponsored, they need attention, to be cared about.
Stand in the gap, stand up and be part of this life changing ministry.
Support can be mailed and made payable to Purpose Driven Academy, PO Box 2400, Kitale Postcode 30200, Kitale Kenya, attn: Margaret Wanyonyi

Charlene Kociuba, BNICE Benevolent Network of International Christian Educators, Corning.




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