Inside Out 276: Pride of the Bargain Hunter

04.17.13 | Martha Manikas-Foster

When we use the words “pride” and “money” in the same sentence, usually we’re talking about pride and a lot of money. But scoring a bargain on a pair of designer boots can lead to pride too, according to self-proclaimed frugalista Megan Hill, our guest for today’s Inside Out conversation.

“Instead of trying to, say, keep up with the Joneses, and buy that new boat or those designer shoes,” she says, “I found that myself and other Christians can sort of intentionally try and stay behind the Joneses—or at least get a better deal than the Joneses--and that can be pride too, really.”

A “goodwill stalker and Craigslist surfer” by her own admission, it took one of Megan’s friends to point out the dark side of bargain hunting. As Megan says in her blog “Sin at the Clearance Rack,” “Pride loves anything it can put a number on.”

God isn’t silent about our use of money: Scripture talks about earning our way, caring for our families and providing for those in need. God’s primary concern through all of this, Megan says, is our motivation.

 “Ultimately, my focus needs to be on treasuring God above everything else,” she says. “And Jesus says: ‘Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy . . . but store up treasures in heaven.’ So, it’s not just getting the best bargain. It’s putting my focus elsewhere, which is on having more of God.” 

Click on the “Listen” icon above to hear the conversation. We talk about applying God’s priorities when spending money, and some of the benefits—as well as the temptations—that go along with a thrifty lifestyle. Megan also suggests a few questions that may help us discover what motivates us when we pull out our wallets.

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Click here to read Megan’s blog post “Sin at the Clearance Rack”:


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on 04.17.13 Deb~ commented

Thank you for your PodCasts~ They are always reminders of practicing what Jesus preached. Putting others first being key- whether it is financial assistance or visitations- anothers mood over our own. We DO need to treasure WHOM we say we are- and the author of our Faith by honoring and practicing His ways.
Love in Christ~ Deb~

on 04.17.13 Martha commented

Deb, you are such an encouragement!




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