Inside Out 252: Investing in Marriage

08.01.12 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Chances are pretty good that this coming weekend more than a few of us will attend a wedding. We’ll sit on a cushioned pew in a church—or a folding chair on a lawn—throw birdseed, eat cake, and pray for God’s blessing on the new union.

We desperately want each and every marriage to succeed, but we’re all aware that one in two US marriages ends in divorce.

The people who calculate these statistics say that the actual numbers are more nuanced than we usually acknowledge. “One in two marriages end in divorce” is an average, so for people in some socio-economic categories, the number of divorces is even more discouraging. And--as most of us know by now--those who report that they are Christians don’t experience any significantly greater success than the rest of the population when it comes to remaining married for life. 

In the face of these discouraging numbers, today we are talking with writer Sharon Hodde Miller, a PhD. Candidate at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. She recommends incorporating marriage counseling into the routine of a happy marriage. In fact, she and her husband consider themselves evangelists for proactive marriage counseling. They made the decision for themselves even before they walked down the aisle three years ago. 

“Just looking at the statistics, [we] thought, with this many marriages failing, we don’t want to go into it and ‘hope for the best,’” Sharon says in our recorded interview. “We don’t want to go in and assume that we are the exception. Instead we assume that we are the rule. And we will plan our lives accordingly. So we’ve tried to put in safeguards based on that.”

You can hear some of what the Millers have learned that has helped in their marriage--as well as how to find low-cost counseling options--by clicking the "Listen" button above. We hope that after you listen you will take a moment to leave a comment below.

You can read Sharon’s her.meneutics blog post “Why My Husband of Three Years and I Go to Marriage Counseling” by clicking here:

You can learn more about Sharon by clicking here to read her personal blog She Worships:


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