Inside Out 250: Queen City Farm

07.04.12 | Martha Manikas-Foster

In April I had a chance to till soil and plant chard at a farm in the middle of Buffalo--and now it seems that I’m seeing and reading about urban farms everywhere (isn’t that the way it goes?). Yesterday I walked by one in Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan.

Rod and Meghan McCallum’s urban farm on Buffalo’s Glenwood Avenue especially piques my interest. That’s because the low-cost, fresh vegetables they distribute are part of a vision that’s larger than giving their neighbors the opportunity to eat from all the food groups. Their vision is to live lives of service and tell their neighbors the Good News of Jesus Christ.

“The gardens and the growing and the urban farm is, I feel, a tool to a much greater and more eternal means, which would be to share the Gospel message,” Rod says in this Inside Out conversation (click icon above to hear the recording).

“Now, it’s hard to share with somebody who’s so hungry that they can’t really pay attention to what you’re saying, so it’s very helpful in that way--and it also gets us out in the neighborhood where people can see us and get to know where we are. But what we’re working toward is a more sustainable and long-term community development vision that would provide economic opportunities so that people can get beyond their immediate need while we share the Gospel and bring Jesus--in a little bit different skin than some are used to seeing.”

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Learn more about Buffalo’s Queen City Farm and the internship opportunities at the McCallums’ farm by clicking here:


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