Inside Out 245: Choosing Family Togetherness

05.16.12 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Families spend less and less intentional time together than in the past. No news flash here. The pressure to fill our schedules with good things often means that every family member flies solo much of the time. The line between signing up for enriching activities and signing up for so many activities that everyone’s over-committed is an almost invisible one, and many times it’s not until we start paying the price that we know that we’ve crossed it. 

And, when we cross it, we do pay.  

Let’s say you never want to get there. Or that you want a change from your current family calendar. Steel yourself for conflict. It takes fortitude to say “no” to your child’s request to play on the travel soccer team. And what self-respecting parent would say “no” to scouting? Just try saying “no” to piano lessons (so, okay, no fight there—sorry music teachers). But church youth group? Drama? Swim team? T-ball? Limiting the entries on the family calendar can wear down the strongest parent.

Listening to our Inside Out guest might help build the strength needed to change the schedule—or stick to your current convictions. Courtney Reissig is a teacher, blogger and the author of the blog post “Mourning the Death of Family-Friendly TV” (click here for the blog post:

She notes that the disappearance of the television “family hour” is a reflection of the trend we’re talking about: that fewer and fewer families sit down together, whether that’s to watch television, eat a meal or play Dutch Blitz.

Join us (by clicking on an icon above) for a conversation about family togetherness. Then let us know what you think by typing a comment or two below.

To read Courtney Reissig’s regular blog postings under the title of “In View of God’s Mercy,” click here:


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on 02.07.18 Isabelle hart commented

Hi I am 11 years. I have listed to your radio station ever since I was 9. I love the family hour. It helps me become a better person. You guys are my heroes.
Thank You




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