Inside Out 243: Ethics of Reproduction Technology

04.18.12 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Babies. The desire for them is hard-wired into many of us. And now, because of advanced reproductive technologies, many who were infertile have borne children, and it’s been possible for those with genetic disorders to avoid passing those genes to the next generation.

But is everything about this technology good? Certainly not everything is bad. How do people who follow God—the author of life and the epitome of love and compassion—how do we sort through the questions that tinkering with embryos inevitably raises?

Here to serve as a guide to the questions raised by assisted reproduction technologies is Ellen Painter Dollar, who was our guest on Inside Out in 2011. Ellen is an articulate writer, spouse, and mother who lives with a genetic bone disorder. In her newly-released book she tells her own story while educating and challenging her audience to pause, think . . . and listen with compassion. Ellen’s book? “No Easy Choice: A Story of Disability, Parenthood, and Faith in an Age of Advanced Reproduction.”

Join us by clicking on the above icon for a conversation about how we view suffering, the cultural pressures to be perfect, and what we can learn by listening. Then let us know what you think by typing a message below.

Learn more about Ellen’s book her book, “No Easy Choice,” by clicking here.


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