Inside Out 241: Persecuted Church: Egypt

03.28.12 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Only a year ago Egypt dominated the news. We saw photos and descriptions of Muslims and Christians working together to protest the government of then-President Hosni Mubarak. Then, within six weeks of the start of the Tahrir Square protests, Mubarak was out of power. Grassroots revolutionaries predicted a future for Egypt marked by a unity of spirit.

Ask a Christian in Egypt today if that unity has survived. Since the revolution, the homes of Christians have been attacked and churches have been burned. According to our Inside Out guest Dr. Carl Moeller, Egyptian Christians will tell you that “the revolution has been stolen” and the Christian minority in the country is “facing a wall of fear.” Moeller has just returned from a trip to Egypt as the President/CEO of Open Doors USA, an organization that for over 55 years has supported persecuted Christians all over the world.

Listen in on this ten minute conversation with Moeller as we talk about the Middle East’s largest Christian minority, the upcoming elections in May and the critical need for Christians the world over to pray for Egypt’s persecuted believers.



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