Inside Out 240: Avoiding Adultery

03.21.12 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Adultery hurts. It hurts people inside the marriage and people outside the marriage. It hurts the people in the middle, the children, the extended family and the church family.

According to a report attributed to the Associated Press, adultery is so corrosive that 17 percent of divorces in the United States cite infidelity as the cause.

As you can imagine, reliable statistics on cheating are difficult to find. Still, according to the General Social Survey, in the 2000s 16 percent of married men reported that they had been unfaithful to their spouse, and 10 percent of married women reported the same. Christians are among the wounded, though as God followers we’ve pledged to remain faithful in marriage.

That said, the opportunities to stray in a marriage are abundant--and the temptations to stray often subtle. 

Today’s Inside Out guest is intentional about avoiding adultery. She and her husband have incorporated a handful of disciplines into their marriage to keep their union vibrant, their love for God fervent, and their other relationships in the proper place.

Join us for our discussion with Marlena Graves as she shares these disciplines. Graves earned her Master of Divinity degree from Rochester, NY’s Northeastern Seminary and works as a Residence Hall Director at Cedarville University. She is a speaker and a writer, and it was one of her regular contributions to the Christianity Today her.meneutics blog that caught our attention for this story. The title of the blog post asked the question: “Toying with Adultery?”

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