Inside Out 234: Voting Your Faith?

02.01.12 | Martha Manikas-Foster

As the headlines and our dinnertime conversations focus on the race for the presidency, here at Inside Out we’re wondering how—or if--a candidate’s personal faith is--or should be—a consideration as Christians make decisions in the voting booth.

On the one hand, we think that Christian faith does not, in itself, make a candidate more competent to hold elected office. Yet most Americans do say that they’d prefer to vote for a candidate who in some way believes in God.

“I doubt that you’re going to find anyone in the US who’d be able to say, ‘Based on my faith alone, this party’s platform is 100 percent right and that party’s platform is 100 percent wrong,’” says Dr. Tobin Grant, our guest for this Inside Out discussion on voting and faith. “On the one hand, it’s a serious decision,” Grant says about voting in an election. “It’s not to be taken frivolously. But it’s also not something that you should allow to split up or divide the church or your faith or yourself with your neighbors.”

Dr. Tobin Grant is a professor of political science at Southern Illinois University and the author of both scholarly and general articles as well as books on politics and campaign finance reform. He writes on current political events for Christianity Today and was our guest on Inside Out last autumn to discuss the Occupy Movement.

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on 02.06.12 Robert Burnham commented

How can you in good conscience call the President a Christian? He is lying as I was lying when I claimed to be a Christian before I was born-again!
Look at his record..don't read his lips.

on 02.06.12 Brenda commented

We like to talk about the biblical truths that can divide candidates but what about the Biblical Truth...Free Will! For some reason we always ignore this Truth. God did not put us on this earth to control other peoples free will. He put us here to be more like Jesus and have relationships with ALL of His children, and help them see the light.

on 02.06.12 keith commented

The debate as to whether or not President Obama is a Christian is such a waste of time. In the face of all that our country has to deal, and all that wasn't taken care of by the Bush, a so-called man of faith, administration.
Evangelicals look to Mitt romney as their great white hope, saying, he upholds Biblical Principles. Ha!! He's a Mormon, and they simply do not believe the way we do. One of their core beliefs, to use a popular phrase is that Jesus visited North America. The result of this was that Indians, and not Jews are Gods chosen people. Ask a Mormon where they believe the Garden of Eden is located. I'm certain the answer will surprise you.
The argument that a Man's faith doesn't matter only holds true if the person in question is white. President Kennedy's Catholicism is cited as an example of fair-mindness. Ha,once again. Need I remind you, President Kennedy, was a white man.
We had a truly Christian Man, Jimmy Carter, as President. Eventually, he was ran out of town on a rail, to be replaced by Ronald Reagan, under whom the debt ceiling was raised 18 times.
In closing, if Barack Obama was white we wouldn't have this discussion.

on 11.05.12 Don commented

I don't think this is rasist, oboma has lied about many things. you probly didn't know he's the first world president. when he went to see the queen do you think he went there to give her a present?.
no he he went to a one world government meeting and was discussing the one world currency. no birth certify,raised by mentours of very questionable motives, bowed down to the muslim leaders and quoted there muslim chant. black ,white pink purple, not the right guy, if he's not for us he's against us.




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