Inside Out 233: Marriage and Dating Today

01.25.12 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Marriage rates in America are at a new low. That’s according to a December 2011 report by the Pew Research Center. Those who do get married are waiting longer than ever: most people who are getting married are between the ages of 36 to 45.

How does that compare to the past? Well, in the 1960s 72% of Americans were married. Right now just over half of Americans are married.

Why the change . . . and does it matter? Maybe people are waiting until they are more mature before they marry. Maybe they are waiting to be more certain before making such a holy commitment.

I hope that’s the case. But, let’s face it, when you wait to get married, you also have to struggle with whether you’re also going to wait a long time for sex. And if you are waiting for sex until marriage, you’ll find that you are among an increasingly smaller group of people—even among Jesus-followers.

Join us for this brief Inside Out conversation about marriage and dating--and the help and forgiveness God offers for those along the journey. Our guest is Barb Short, a licensed registered clinical social worker who works with FOCUS Counseling at Family Life in Bath, NY

“I look at it this way,” Barb says. “God sets down, if you want to say, laws, and expectations of us, that He gives us the ability to carry out. He doesn’t ask us to do or not to do something that he doesn’t give us the ability to do.”  

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