Inside Out 221: Women At Risk

10.12.11 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Human trafficking—the kidnapping, buying and selling of human beings---is the world’s most rapidly growing criminal activity. We’ve looked at this issue from several angles here on Inside Out. We want to prevent women and children from being kidnapped or scammed into the slave trade; I don’t know anyone who does not support the work of rescuing those who have already fallen victim. 

But what happens once a person is rescued? What does it take for a person, once a victim, not to fall victim again?

Our guest today, Rebecca McDonald, believes the solution is in “culturally sensitive, value-added intervention projects.”

“You cannot rescue a woman, pat her on her head, say “Eww, little nasty life you had there, honey, go do something nice,” McDonald says. “She may have been chained to a bed since two years old, two weeks old, twenty-two years old, whatever age. You must empower her. Ninety percent of the women that get picked up in a police raid in Cambodia and sent home without job training get re-sold. So you must empower a woman, and that’s not  a politically correct word. That’s hard work. And so we never, never rescue a woman without giving her something to run to.”  

Join us for our conversation with Women At Risk International founder Rebecca McDonald. Her charitable organization supports 25 safe houses around the world for those who have been rescued from slavery, and works with 20 other facilities that provide education and job training for women at risk in their culture.

“God died for them, loves them, and wants them to be his children, “ McDonald says. “And they just need that message of worth and dignity whispered back into their everyday lives.”

To learn more about Women At Risk International, follow this link:

In addition to an explanation of its mission, the website does feature products made by rescued women and children as part of its fundraising work.


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on 10.12.11 Martha commented

Rebecca McDonald, the founder of Women At Risk International, will be speaking at the Caton Bible Chapel, near Corning, NY, on Saturday, November 5. Men and women are invited, the event is free, and it begins with a continental b'fast---but you need to sign up by October 19th. Call 607-523-8479 or 607-523-7246.




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