Inside Out 17: School Bible Club

11.10.10 | Martha Manikas-Foster

When youth leaders get together, you can count on someone saying that teenagers are not, in fact, in training to be leaders someday. When given the opportunity, they are leading right now.

I spoke with two remarkable examples of this very kind of leadership for this Inside Out segment: Ashley Reefer and Danielle Barlett. The two Redbank Valley Jr-Sr High School seniors are part of a 16-member student leadership team that guides what their club advisor calls “the largest Bible Club in the world.”

We’ve been keeping up with Joe Harmon, the New Bethlehem, PA teacher and Bible Club advisor since early 2009 when Redbank Valley’s Bible Club attendance began climbing. By April of that year the club was attracting fifty percent of the school’s approximately 600 students at its weekly in-school meetings. By November of that year up to 400 students were coming to the club meetings and the student leaders were handing out Teen Study Bibles to interested students. Today, in the autumn of 2010, the student leadership of the four year-old club is excited to say that students in other area schools are organizing Bible Clubs of their own---clubs that fit the schedules and meet the needs of their own school communities.

Join me to listen to Ashley and Danielle---leaders not for tomorrow, but leaders right now, today.


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on 11.10.10 Sara commented

My mom called me about 10 minutes ago and told me I needed to turn on the radio. I did and even though I only caught the tail end of this story, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I go to a school roughly half an hour/ forty-five minutes away from Redbank and I can't help but what wonder how I never heard of this! It's just absolutely incredible and so encouraging! I am one of the leaders of a student group known as Fellowship of Christian Students at Keystone and we've just recently changed formats and started doing home groups and hope to draw those who wouldn't necessarily come into school early for a lesson (this is how it was before.) We've only done one and will continue with this new set up next Saturday and we're really excited! I definitely plan on talking with Ashely and Danielle! Thanks so much for sharing this story!

on 11.10.10 Beth commented

I am so glad to hear of a student Bible group in my old high school. I was a student and then a teacher for many years at this school. I commend Joe Harmon and the student leaders who are taking "Christ into the classroom." What a mission field! If students can be on fire for the Lord there, then schools across the nation should take heed and join in. Parents need to realize the overall affect this would have on the student body: less bullying, student involvement, kids actually caring about themselves/others, and then improved test scores/grades. I was so encouraged to hear this. We'll never know how these kids will use this experience to serve the Lord in the future. But, God does! :)

on 11.10.10 Laura commented

I went into my room a little while ago and turned on the radio and, like Sara, only cought the last bit of it all. I was so happy and so surprised because my sister graduated from Redbank this summer, my brother is a sophomore there, and next year I will end my run with homeschooling and become a freshman at Redbank. I know most of the Bible Club leaders, and I know a couple of former presidents (Andrew Gundlach and Heidi Hepler). I know what they do is amazing, and, yes, it is the largest Bible Club in the country. But even though I know it so well, I'm still amazed when I hear that it's the largest there is. We have a tight knit school where everyone knows everyone and everything, so it's no surprise that we have almost 70 percent of the school in on this ingenius yet outstanding exhibition of the love our school has for the One and Only God :)

on 11.11.10 Mr. Harmon commented

I am so proud of those girls and all the kids standing up for their faith at our high school. It is truly something amazing to witness!!!!




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