Inside Out 13: Breaking Destructive Patterns in Your Life

10.28.10 | Kurt Goff

Have you ever battled a destructive pattern in your life?

*Substance Abuse



*Unhealthy Relationships


The list goes on and on.

Newsflash: Christians aren’t exempt from the struggles of the human condition.

The encouraging thing is that we don’t have to battle them on our own.

But we do have a choice.

Will I choose God first and follow His plan?

Will I embrace His grace and forgiveness in the midst of imperfection and yet refuse to make it an excuse for disobedience?

I say yes.

But I need help.

The Holy Spirit gives me the power I need to wage the war and win more battles than I lose.

The fight itself is good sign.

I think God honors our desire to be obedient even when we miss the mark.

He’s more concerned with our shooting at the right target than with our hitting a bull’s-eye every time we take aim.

It’s what we want to be even it’s not what we are that makes us suit up for another go at it.

Before long, we realize our growing relationship with the Lord has produced a life change only He could have accomplished.

And He gets the all credit for it.

In the book Power to Reinvent Yourself author/speaker Jason Frenn tackles some pretty challenging issues.

I caught up with him just yesterday.

Check out our conversation.

Think of it as an opportunity to reload for the next battle.  


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