Inside Out 118: Pornography's Effects on Children

09.21.11 | Martha Manikas-Foster

I hate pornography.

I hate that pornography profits from treating women, men, girls and boys as commodities. I hate that the great appetite for pornography encourages kidnappers to sell human beings and that its easy availability helps undermine marriages and dating relationships. I hate that pornographers pretend that their industry is victimless.

Pornography hurts people. Inside Out guest Michelle Van Loon knows that among its victims are the children who live in the same home as a porn addict. Van Loon is the author of the July 2011 Christianity Today her.meneutics blog post “My Father Was a Porn Addict.” Pornography in the home, she says, can warp a child’s view of beauty and can change how he or she values other people.

Join us as Van Loon talks about how her father’s pornography affected her developing mind, image of adulthood and concept of beauty. Listen, too, for her assurances that God even now continues to form her identity and comfort her in ways she has longed for since she was 11 years old.  “It is never too late,” she says. “He is speaking every day and His mercy is here for you today.”

You can also find places for help for an addiction to pornography or the effects of another’s addiction by visiting or


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on 09.21.11 David commented

A whole perspective on pornography that isn't talked about. Not just how it affects the users or the spouses, but how it shapes the self-image of the children. Powerful.




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