Inside Out 117: Creation Care

09.14.11 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Our planet was created by God, given to us to care for, enjoy and manage. Few Christians disagree with this. Many, however, look with suspicion at efforts to care for God’s creation if those efforts are organized under the banners of “Environmentalism” or “Creation Care.”

Why is that? Is there a way to follow God’s command of Genesis 2:15 to work the earth and care for it without worrying that we are becoming people who worship the earth? And what are we to do about the debate over climate change, where, in some circles, it seems that perspectives on global warming are used as tests of a person’s devotion to God?

Our guest for this Inside Out conversation on Creation Care is the Reverend Mitch Hescox, President/CEO of the Evangelical Environmental Network and publisher of Creation Care Magazine. Join us for our conversation about what Creation Care is and what it is not, and learn ways to contribute to the health of the planet and improve the lives of those affected by changing weather patterns.

For more information on the Evangelical Environmental Network and its ministry to care for God’s creation, log on to Creation Care and checkout Creation Care Magazine.


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