Inside Out 115: God Wins

07.25.11 | Martha Manikas-Foster

There are questions  . . . and then there are questions. At least that’s what our Inside Out guest Mark Galli believes. Galli, senior managing editor for Christianity Today, has a new book hitting the shelves on August 1, 2011, in which he discusses questions posed by Rob Bell in his March 2011 book Love Wins. Galli, who thinks God’s story is bigger than what’s described in Love Wins, has titled his upcoming book God Wins: Heaven, Hell, and Why the Good News Is Better than Love Wins.

I didn’t read Galli’s book specifically looking for push back on the more controversial aspects of Love Wins---though I got that. I identified gaps throughout the pages of Love Wins and what I wanted most of all was help placing the book’s questions in the context of Scripture, church history, and human experience. And I got that too.

Please join me for this Inside Out conversation with Mark Galli on the book God Wins, and by extension, the book Love Wins. We talk about a lot of things, including universal salvation, the existence of hell and the wisdom of examining our motives when asking questions of God. Before Mark and I are finished we’ll also discuss the importance of approaching conversations--on even the most controversial topics--with a spirit of love, something Galli refers to as charitable engagement.


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