Inside Out 110: Cult Rescues-David Clark

06.27.11 | Kurt Goff

This is one kind of ministry that is full of amazing twists and turns: death threats, physical attacks, not to mention major spiritual attacks. It’s all about working on the Enemy’s turf 24-7. We don’t hear much about those followers of Christ who are called to rescue people from the deception and danger of various cults in America 

Dave Clark really is “The Cult Rescuer”. He doesn’t seek the spotlight for many reasons. A big one is that he works best under cover.  But he agreed to share with me some snapshots of what he does in this candid conversation.

I think the Church at large needs to know about this under-the-radar work.

Keep Dave and people like him in your prayers!


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on 08.10.14 Marjorie Ferrick commented

Dave has been in my thoughts and prayers since 1985 when he helped us rescue our daughter Jennifer from a sheparding decipleship gruope . I often wondered how he was doing. I send him my best.

Marge Ferrick




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