Inside Out 103: International Adoption

06.15.11 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Book Cover: Carried Safely HomeHere’s a number to consider: One hundred and forty million. That’s how many orphans there are in the world. One hundred and forty million. 

Twelve percent of the children in Sub-Saharan Africa fit into this description. That’s 48.3 million children. 

In Asia there are 73.7 million orphans. In Latin America and the Caribbean the number is 10.7 million. 

Over 15 million children have lost a parent to AIDS. By the year 2010, that number is expected to reach 20 million.

The need for solutions in this crisis is clear, and adopting orphans into loving families is a beautiful one. Those who enter into international adoption, however, should be ready to face a range of emotions. “Orphan care and adoption bring with them vulnerable hope, heart-wrenching sorrow and splendid joy. Each of these brings temptation to turn away from God--and precious opportunity to draw near to Him," says Kristin Swick Wong, author of Carried Safely Home and our guest on this edition of Inside Out.

“When Phil and I started our adoption journey, we expected too little. Too little heartbreak and too little joy,” says Wong. What can be a difficult road, however, provides families the privilege of acting on behalf of the weak, drawing close to the broken-hearted and meeting Jesus in the middle of it all.

“Our lives have been changed. Our hearts have been expanded,” she says. “And we wouldn't have it any other way.”

Join us for this conversation about international adoption and God's work in the hearts of those who adopt . . . and even those who do not.

Kristin Swick Wong has been published in Adoption Today, World Magazine, FamilyLife, and Today's Christian Woman. She and her husband Phil are the parents of two daughters by birth and two sons by adoption.

Read Kristin Swick Wong’s World Magazine article.

Read more about the author and her book Carried Safely Home: The Spiritual Legacy of an Adoptive Family.


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on 06.15.11 Cheryl commented

I didn't listen to the entire podcast, but I wanted to comment about the affordability of adoption as well as the great need of adoption for older kids and those with special needs. Our family has generally lived on one income for years and the cost of adoption made it seem prohibitive. However, thru an organization called God's Grace Adoption Ministries and World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP) we were able to adopt our beautiful daughter from India at a very low cost. God used fundraising help from the first organization, as well as a small grant to bring her home. WACAP is a wonderful adoption agency committed to finding homes for ALL children, not just healthy infants. Because our daughter was older (5) and had spina bifida, the agency waived nearly ALL their fees.

While adoption isn't about money, (especially when it is God's will), it is a roadblock for many families. We are extremely grateful for these organizations and heartily recommend them.

on 06.18.11 Sarah Burns commented

Those statistics are incorrect - and please do not adopt children who belong in their own extnded families and communities! If you want to helpo and do God's will, then send a check! But do not take them away from their communities and extended families. Losing one's aprents is enough of a blow -- do not take them away from their countries and their homes! If you do not have the money to adopt, then hep thse kids with a small check! Don't be selfish- send a check to a good home for kids! (Do not be like Angelina Jolie taking kids from all over the world!) thank God!)




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