Inside Out 100: Winning Him Without Words

06.09.11 | Kurt Goff

Winning without WordsWeek after week, you sit in church, alone.  Your spouse doesn’t share your faith.   The heartbreak is real and deep, the pain palatable. You’ve tried everything: talking, praying, dropping not so subtle hints, and yet… nothing.

Choose to believe that God has a plan, because He does!  You may just need some encouragement about now.

Dineen Miller is a strong believer with a husband who has yet to make Christ his Savior.  She knows about the challenges, but she also knows the faithfulness of God in the midst of them.

In our conversation you’ll hear her answer questions like:
How can I reach out with the Good News in a way that is full of truth and grace?
How can I be submissive to my husband when he’s not a believer?
I want to tithe, but he doesn’t agree. What can I do?
How can I raise my children to know Jesus if my husband objects?
How do I handle media choices?
What about the temptation to compare my life with others who have a believing husband?

Those are just a few of the things we chatted about, and even though Dineen has a ministry mainly to women, these principles are equally applicable for men who have unbelieving wives.

The name of her book, co-authored with Lynn Donovan, is Winning Him Without Words.

Also, check out her blog Spiritually Unequal Marriage.








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