Inside Out- Grace for Women with a Prenatal Diagnosis

07.29.15 | Martha Manikas-Foster

How many times do we wound others with what seems like a safe question or a casual comment?

For the pregnant women who are keeping close the knowledge of a troubling prenatal diagnosis, simple assumptions can add weight to the news delivered by the doctor. The almost scripted comment, “what matters is that the baby’s healthy,” can sting a mother who is not at all sure that the baby is, in fact, healthy.

Thank goodness the baby’s health is not really all that matters. Micha Boyett writes about this in her her.meneutics blog post “ ‘As Long as the Baby’s Healthy’ . . . But What if He’s Not?” and she joins us for this 18-minute Inside Out conversation.

With only a little effort, those who strike up conversations with pregnant women can show grace by being more mindful of what we say.

Boyett suggests “coming to the pregnant woman and saying, ‘You look beautiful. You’re glowing. Oh, how wonderful. When are you due?’ You know, there are so many things you can say without having to go to the ‘healthy question.’"

For those who are themselves coming to terms with their own prenatal diagnosis, Boyett guides us through what helped her prepare to welcome her son Ace. She talks about praying to receive him as a gift, learning the stories of families with Down syndrome through their books and blogs, and spending time between the diagnosis and birth pouring out her grief to God so that she would be ready to celebrate her son once she saw his face.

“You’re grieving the dreams that you had for your child,” she says. “And that is okay, because it’s necessary to grieve the loss before you can celebrate the joy.

If Micha Boyett’s story sounds like the story you are living, Boyette confesses that nothing about this is easy. Still, she encourages you to be confident that God is in this.

“God is there--even in this pregnancy--making this good, and will be making your child the person that God intends for him to be.”

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