Hometown Heros- Russ Loria

04.29.15 | Bill Price

This week's Hometown Hero is Rochester, New York's, Russ Loria. Russ heads-up "The Father's Heart" ministry in Rochester. It's a mobile soup kitchen that's meeting the physical and spiritual needs of those in the Flower City.


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on 05.13.15 Bob Sierk commented

Russ is indeed a hero to those in Rochester who are hungry for both physical and spiritual food, for he provides both. And both come from the Lord. The Lord has provided every piece of bread, every peck of fruit, every bushel of vegetables, every pound of meat, and every hot meal, all for free. Also for free is the glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ which is proclaimed at each and every outreach. And Russ does this because he too has a hero, and his name is Yeshua, Emmanuel, God with us, even the same: Jesus the Messiah!