Faith Under Fire: Redeeming the Sabbath

09.29.16 | Sarah Harnisch

Today's topic for Faith Under Fire is redeeming the Sabbath. Pastor Dave Bretch with Beartown Road Alliance Church in Painted Post, New York responds to a Lifeway Research Study showing 15 percent of Christians agree or strongly agree that it's ok to skip church to watch football. He says too many of us are ok scheduling youth sports or work over a day of rest.


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on 09.29.16 Karla Pesesky commented

I am so thankful for your faith under fire today! I thought it was excellently done and gracefully tactful. I have recently had to make this decision as a present on what was best for our son regarding football on Sunday. I am a pastors wife and we serve the Lord whole heartily, so this decision wade heavey on my husband and my heart. We have discussed with our son that God and church is always first and have been able to communicate that conviction with the coach. Since then the coach has asked my husband to pray for the team!! Thank you

on 09.29.16 Karla Pesesky commented

Is there a way to "share" this on Facebook?

on 09.30.16 Family Life commented

Simply copy the link and post it as your Facebook status.