Faith Under Fire: 13 Reasons Why

05.11.17 | Sarah Harnisch

"13 Reasons Why" is a new Netflix show that chronicles the story of a woman who left 13 notes behind after she committed suicide. Family Life's Sarah Harnisch sat down with Chris Anderson and asked "does this glorify suicide to our teens?" Take a closer look at what your kids are watching with this feature.


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on 05.13.17 Christopher Anderson commented

(A follow up to the segment):Here's my take on 13 Reasons Why on Netflix: It's a dangerous way to discuss suicide with your children. Please, don't let Hollywood or the internet dictate to you how to discuss ANY issue of their lives, not to mention something as so traumatic and serious as suicide. Here are some tips:
1. Know what your children are watching, who they're talking to, and in which activities your children are engaged.
2. Do not fall into the trap of being your child's "best friend." You NEED to be your child's PARENT. There will be times when your child will not like you. That's ok. Be consistent and in the long run, your children will not only understand why you had to be hard, they will thank you for it.
3. Get to know the warning signs of early mental illness such as depression or anxiety. Make sure you find this information out from trusted sources, not "click bait" types of internet sites.
4. Start early and be consistent with engaging your children in conversations (at appropriate levels with regards to their ages, of course). If they see you being consistent, they will know what to expect and they will know where you stand.
5. Know what your child's school is teaching them. Ask your school administrators questions. Find out what's in the curriculum. You'll be amazed at what public schools are pushing on children these days. You have a right to know. You have an obligation to know. They are your children. I'm not necessarily advocating removing your children from public schools; but the public school environment is becoming increasingly hostile towards families of faith.