Faith Under Fire- Gay Pride Day At The New York State Fair

08.27.15 | Sarah Harnisch

This year, the New York State Fair will boast "Pride Day"-- with a parade and recognition for the LGBT lifestyle, on Friday, August 28th. It's the same recognition given to soldiers and firefighters. The fair kicks off Thursday, August 27th and runs through Labor Day. Our own Sarah Harnisch sat down with New Yorkers For Constitutional Freedoms' Jason McGuire, to talk about what happens next.


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on 08.27.15 Susan Gibson commented

I was raised in a church-based family and continue to serve actively in the United Methodist Church, along with my husband and teen daughters. I am grateful to have served God alongside members of the LGBT community. These members of God's family have impacted my life and the lives of others who know them in many positive ways through their dedicated service to God, their church families, and the greater world community. I am glad that my past experiences, along with my current experiences as a parent and teacher, continue to guide more toward appreciating and embracing the diversity among God's children.

on 08.28.15 Harry Katz commented

This is quite disappointing. It's sad to see how the traditional family- the backbone of America- is being worn down. What has one's sexual orientation to do with a State fair? This is o inappropriate and these in-your-face organizations have political power beyond belief. It is one thing to be a member of this group, it is another to force it upon other people through parades, demonstrations and the like. Sad