Essential Oils Of The Bible

09.27.14 | Sarah Harnisch

Essential oils seem to be a craze right now on social media, but many don't realize they have their roots in the Bible. There are 262 references to 33 different aromatic plants. In the Old Testament, 36 out of 39 books reference aromatic plants, and in the New Testament, 10 out of 27 books reference essential oils.

Dr. Mary Starr Carter is a Christian chiropractor who lectures across the nation on the oils of ancient scripture. Family Life news anchor Sarah Harnisch took a closer look at the world's oldest natural medicine.


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on 09.26.14 Chris Kwallek commented

My daughter is a strong advocate of essential oils and is seeing significant improvements of health in her family. I've started using some as well. This book is detailed and helpful to know how oils were used during Bible times. I've often seen them spoken of in scripture and have wondered why they weren't used more now so it's good that they are coming back into usage. They're much more healthy. In Sunday school a couple weeks back our 4 y o gr. son overheard his teacher saying they had a bug bite that itched a lot and he told her she should put lavender oil on it to help it heal.

on 09.26.14 Sandra G Wallace commented

I use essential oils for myself, my family & my clients! When you study the chemical makeup of a pure essential oil, it's amazing how they correct the communication in our cells. I'm sometimes STILL amazed at how quickly I feel the change in my body from inhaling or applying an oil for a specific problem that I have! (I love it when I hear my kids telling others what oil to grab when that person isn't feeling well) Then it just makes it that much more special when you've studied the oils & learn how they were used in the Bible. I love this book~AND my oils! I feel blessed to have these tools that can curb so much suffering in people.

on 09.26.14 Mary E. Simmons commented

I and my family use the essentials oils on a daily basis. I to have done and used the biblical oil kit as well as many other oils.

My kids are the first to say when someone is sick we have am oil for that. They are 4 and 7 years old and have used oils from the day they where born. Life would not be he same without our young living oils in our lives.

on 09.26.14 Kathryn Faso commented

What a JOY it is to connect with the Oils of Scripture. There is nothing that compares to this kit in Young Living. It is an AWESOME feeling to be using the oils that Jesus was gifted while here on Earth. I am so very grateful for them. My favorite (of course) is Frankincense.

on 09.26.14 Denise Frampton-Pearsall commented

My husband and I have been using these amazing essential oils for 13 years and what a difference they have made in our lives! We have used them personally and professionally....I am a clinical social worker and my husband is a retired UMC pastor. As a part of my ministry, I have been presenting Dr. David Stewart's program on the Healing Oils of the Bible to church groups in th4 CNY area. Learning about the oils from a historical perspective really makes the Scriptures come alive! And then learning how they are presently used and making a difference is totally awesome! I learn something new everytime I teach a class!

on 09.26.14 Cheryl E Snider commented

Thank you Dr Mary. That was so informative. I am an RN and I am so pleased to see a softer kinder way getting out to the people

on 09.26.14 Belinda Clark commented

Healing Oils of the Bible answered a lot of questions I have been wondering for quite some time. If they were good enough for Jesus they are good enough for me. Young Living Essential Oils are mentioned throughout the book because of their purity and their properties to take care of many issues that ail you. It is an easy, quick read with a lot of GREAT information throughout its pages.

on 09.26.14 Anonymous commented

Healing Oils of the Bible is what Jesus used so that was good enough for me to use. I started using them 14 years ago and placed me on a journey that is moving forward in the kingdom of God. Love all the oils and use them 5 to 6 times a day. Patricia O'Connell,

on 09.26.14 Amy Orris commented

Grateful for my many blessings and especially these ancient, natural gems of nature!

on 09.26.14 Lorraine Scotto-Blaich commented

I use Young Living Essential Oils on a daily basis. I trust our Original Medicine. Some people are still surprised that my Medicine cabinet is filled with Essential Oils instead of Prescriptions and OTC medications. Funny though how so many of my friends ask what oils they should be using! I Love it and of course the oils!

on 09.27.14 Carrie Haren commented

My family using Young Living Essential Oils on a daily basis. I love that I can give my family something good for their body instead of chemicals...God's medicine. We wouldn't want to be without them.

on 09.27.14 Kathy Mincer commented

I love using my Young Living Essential Oils. My family uses them on a daily basis. Love it when my grandson comes to me and ask do you have a oil for this, rather then taking over the counter medicine. I am very blessed.

on 09.27.14 Hilary Schilling commented

Wonderful interview!! Getting back to our roots and helping people one oil at a time!! I just loaded my kids up with oils after being at a football game where everyone was coughing and hacking all over each other. I love my oils!!

on 09.27.14 Angela Brooks commented

I am always amazed at the many uses of the essential oils and I learn something new all the time. My office at work is a place that people come to inhale the oils - I love to watch them distress. My family have used them for so many different things that we reach for the essential book as soon as we find a need. Great Podcast Mary !

on 09.27.14 Debbie Vanden Heuvel commented

Young Living has become a must have in my families lives. With my grandchildren growing up in a toxic world, our oils are more important than ever. Every home should be stocked with healthful alternatives to chemical laden medicines, foods and toxic byproducts. For me, I love how Young Living oils jumpstart and boost my day. These oils are gifts from heaven and I thank God for them every day.

on 09.28.14 Lisa Todd commented

Please send me one

on 10.01.14 Sonia Mendez commented

Such a pleasure to hear you teaching on essential oils again! Essential oils have definitely been a lifestyle blessing for our family in so many ways, and I continue to thank the Lord for blessing us with them. ;)

on 03.03.15 MLM - Pyramid Scam - not science commented