Confronting Homosexuality - Special Guest Alex McFarland

02.17.14 | Bob Price

Christian author, speaker and radio personality Alex McFarland shares "from the heart" about the difficulty the church is having today in confronting homosexual sin.


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on 02.19.14 Betty commented

I enjoyed listening to Chistian author,speaker and radio personality Alex McFarland I agree with his reasons people get into homosexual lifestyle.I was at one time considering this lifestyle. I knew it was a sin and thankfully God send me Godly Women to Teach me what God had to say about true love his and I learned because of the pain of my childhood (not bonding with my birth mom or foster mom) and sexual abuse in my childhood that was why I had feelings like this. I no longer feel this way. I praise God for this. I have compassion for women and men that are in homosexual lifestyle. WE the church do a disserve to our Father and to person who are in this lifestyle We never speak of this and how we treat these persons. Thank- You for new information to consider.

Sincerely, Betty

on 02.24.14 John commented

Christ taught us to hate the sin and love the sinner, period. Only God can judge motive!