Christian Apologetics: Equipping young people to defend their faith at college

06.12.13 | Bob Price

Mark Schenker, the founder of "Ratio-Christi" talks about his unique ministry that teaches churches how to equip young people to defend their faith in college


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on 06.13.13 Lamar Boll commented

This is a man after my own heart, and I heartily endorse not only what he said but also commend FLN for doing these sorts of interviews and trying to help raise awareness of what is a critical issue in the Christian community and its approach to discipleship. I would, however, wish to broaden his comments about the challenge of the New Atheists. We also need to be aware of other worldviews such as New Age, Postmodernism, and perhaps especially Isalm and how to answer their perspectives from the standpoint of well-grounded Christian faith. This is no longer optional for parents and church leaders at all levels in our generation. Unless and until we get serious about it, we'll continue to see far too many tragic losses. But the good news is, as he said, it can largely be prevented with the right approach from an early age. I urge all of us to roll up our sleeves and tackle the challenge. Again, thanks for airing this and I hope to hear more in the future.


on 06.13.13 Bob commented

Thanks for those comments Lamar. I love the fact that this man is not just discussing the problem, but offering a solution !