A Fork in the Trail - Part 1

08.02.13 | Jeremy Miller

Following the recent decision by the Boy Scouts of America to include scouts who identify with homosexuality, but exclude homosexual adults, what are the next steps for all involved in the scouting tradition? Family Life’s Jeremy Miller investigates how this move will impact the organization.

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on 08.05.13 Kelly Horton commented

I have a few comments about the gays in scouting. The purpose as a scout leader is to train up boys to become men of integrity serving their family, church, community, and workplace. Once in a while, they boys get out of line and are in need of correction. You take them to side and correct the behavior - it may be stealing, laziness, lieing, bullying, harse tone, inappropriate speech, and etc. Now that gays are allowed in scouts, a leader will not be allowed to correct them if they are openly gay. A leader will be labeled as a homophobe, a bully, or threatening a gay boy. It will get even worse when the BSA allows adult homosexuals to become members and leaders in 2014. So there will not be any room to minister to a youth or his family. So this "Ministry Option" is void.

If a church (Sponsoring Organization) denies a gay boy to join the troop, they will be sued by these pervese gay avocacy groups. So the BSA had really but them in a situation where they have to close a scouting unit for fear of litigation.

I will not be a part of the BSA come the end of this year. I will be starting a new scouting group mentioned on Faith Based Boys.org.

on 08.05.13 Bob commented

I don't like how this whole debate has "sexualized" scouting. I must admit I have never been a scout, nor am I a father to a scout. So I am on the outside looking in here. It's be interesting to get your thoughts. I really am interested in the "mission field" aspect to this debate as well. It's such a personal matter. Parents need to decide what's best for their family. Churches need to take a look at this on a church-by-church basis. It really is as Jeremy states ...a fork in the trail.