Feature Reports

Washington Watch: The Top 5 News Events of 2018

12.17.18 | Bob Price

What were the stories that mattered most across the nation and around the world in 2018? Dr. Steve Coleman has his top 5 list.

Washington Watch: The Passing of a President: George H.W. Bush

12.04.18 | Bob Price

This week, on a special edition of "Washington Watch, " we pay tribute to the life and legacy of former President George H.W. Bush.

Washington Watch: Prison Reform & Ivanka's Email

11.26.18 | Bob Price

Our Ph.D of politics and host of "Washington Watch" chimes in on the issues in the news from the nation's capitol.

Washington Watch: The "Woman Wave" in 2018

11.12.18 | Bob Price

Dr. Steve Coleman, host of "Washington Watch," talks about the impact of the "women vote" on last week's mid-terms and what it means for 2020

Washington Watch: Disorder at the Border

10.29.18 | Bob Price

Dr. Steve Coleman talks about that caravan of Central Americans headed to the U.S. border with Mexico. Should we let them in?

Washington Watch: Red Wave or Blue Tsunami?

10.15.18 | Bob Price

Dr. Steve Coleman talks about the significance of the mid-term elections, just 3 weeks away on this week's edition of "Washington Watch."

Washington Watch: The Kavanaugh Confirmation Fight

10.01.18 | Bob Price

Dr. Steve Coleman is commenting this week on the Supreme Showdown on Capitol Hill over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Washington Watch: What's at Stake this November?

09.17.18 | Bob Price

Now that primary season is over with, Dr. Steve Coleman, our Ph.D of politics is talking about what's at stake in the November 6th general election.

Washington Watch: How Much Trouble is Trump in?

08.27.18 | Bob Price

This week on "Washington Watch", our PH.D of politics, Dr. Steve Coleman, weighs in the political fallout from the Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen cases and the impact this might have on the November mid-terms.

Washington Watch: Are Journalists the Enemy?

08.20.18 | Bob Price

Dr. Steve Coleman weighs in on an editorial that hundreds of newspapers printed last week--taking issue with President Trump's criticism of the media.