Feature Reports

Special Report: Tribute to the Troops 2018

05.28.18 | Bob Price

On this Memorial Day 2018, Family Life News pays "tribute to the troops." We reflect on their sacrifices as we honor their service and preserve their stories.

2015 Year in Review Special Report

12.18.15 | Bob Price

What were the top news events of the past 12 months? The Family Life News team has put together a montage of the news stories that made headlines in 2015.

News Feature- Keeping the Faith at College

08.14.15 | Bob Price

Jeremy Story and John Decker with Campus Renewal talk about ways students can keep the faith at college.

Special Report- Why Masculinity Matters

06.05.15 | Bob Price

Garry Ingraham with Love and Truth Network in Binghamton, NY talks about the sexual transformation of Bruce Jenner