Feature Reports

Real Answers: Kids and Las Vegas

10.04.17 | Bob Price

Christian counselor Chris Anderson offers some advice for how to talk to your children about national tragedies like the Vegas shooting spree.

Real Answers: Hope for Alzheimers Patients

09.20.17 | Bob Price

Licensed Christian counselor Chris Anderson says dementia is painful on families and care-givers but there are some medical breakthroughs that are giving health professionals hope.

Real Answers: How to Help After the Storm

09.06.17 | Bob Price

This week on "Real Answers", licensed Christian counselor Chris Anderson shares some practical tips on how people of faith can help out following natural catastrophies like Hurricane Harvey on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Real Answers: Sex Assault at College

08.23.17 | Bob Price

Christian therapist Chris Anderson says maintaining healthy boundaries is the key to preventing sexual assault at college. Here more on how to protect yourself, next ...

Real Answers: Solving Dyslexia

07.26.17 | Bob Price

This week on "Real Answers", we talk about dyslexia and a local reading teacher who is working to cure it in kids.

Real Answers: College Prep for 1st year Students

06.14.17 | Bob Price

Today on "Real Answers" we're continuing a discussion on getting kids prepared to deal with the challenges of college, especially those heading off from home for the very first time.

Real Answers: Living for Christ at College

05.31.17 | Bob Price

Christian counselor Chris Anderson talks about the difficulties in maintaining a strong Christian witness when young men and women go off to college.

Real Answers: Putting a Human Face on Autism

04.19.17 | Bob Price

This week on "Real Answers", a Prattsburg, NY mom talks about the challenges of raising a son with autism.

Real Answers: A Soldiers' Story : The Tim Newman Story

03.22.17 | Bob Price

This week on "Real Answers", Family Life introduces you to Tim Newman of Olean, NY

Real Answers: The lesser talked about consequences of drug addiction

03.08.17 | Bob Price

Licensed therapist Chris Anderson discusses the heroin and opiod epidemic and some of the unforeseen consequences of this emerging public health threat.