Feature Reports

Real Answers: Prayer

05.02.18 | Brandon Dickson

What does prayer actually do? How can we use prayer in the healing or recovery process? Christian counselor Chris Anderson goes over the types of applications for prayer, with respect to our overall physical health.

Real Answers: Money Management

04.18.18 | Brandon Dickson

It’s necessary, but it can also lead to things such as divorce, greed, and other sins. So, how should we view money, as Christians? Host and Christian counselor Chris Anderson gets advice from a Christian financial adviser.

Real Answers: Shame

03.21.18 | Brandon Dickson

What is the difference between shame and guilt? Is one of them actually good? Christian counselor Chris Anderson answers.

Real Answers: Prodigal Child

03.07.18 | Brandon Dickson

What do you do when a child turns from their faith? Christian counselor Chris Anderson discusses how to deal with a "prodigal" child.

Real Answers: Anger

01.24.18 | Brandon Dickson

We all struggle with anger at some point, but how do we tell the difference between righteous and sinful anger?

Real Answers: Weight Loss Resolution

01.10.18 | Brandon Dickson

Weight loss is the number one resolution for the new year, but find out how one man made it more than a resolution. He made it a lifestyle and spiritual change, and dropped an unbelievable amount of weight.

Real Answers: Celebrate Recovery

12.27.17 | Bob Price

This week on "Real Answers", Christian counselor Chris Anderson brags on a Christian-based recovery program that's making a difference in the northern tier.

Real Answers: Social Media Do's and Don'ts

12.13.17 | Bob Price

Christian counselor Chris Anderson talks about the importance of maintaining healthy boundaries when it comes to social media

Real Answers: Mental Illness & Church Security

11.15.17 | Bob Price

Christian counselor Chris Anderson talks about mental illness in light of the Texas church shooting and what congregations can be doing to be "proactive" not "reactive".

Real Answers: Overcoming Addiction

11.01.17 | Bob Price

Christian counselor Chris Anderson talks about the "disease" of addiction and how people of faith can learn to overcome substance abuse disorders and behavioral problems.