Feature Reports

Real Answers: Mass Shootings and White Males

09.04.19 | Brandon Dickson

Many of the mass shootings in the U.S. have one thing in common...White males. What is contributing to this? Christian counselor Chris Anderson explores.

Real Answers: Leaving the Faith

08.21.19 | Brandon Dickson

Why are we seeing some well-known Christians leaving the faith, or struggling with their faith? How do we respond? Christian counselor Chris Anderson has answers.

Real Answers: Domestic Abuse

07.24.19 | Brandon Dickson

Unfortunately, Christians are not immune to abuse. What are signs of abuse in the church? What should we do if we suspect abuse? Christian counselor Chris Anderson answers.

Real Answers: Emotional Reasoning

06.26.19 | Brandon Dickson

It seems every issue nowadays involves them: emotional reasoning and extreme thought patterns. What are they exactly, and how do we combat these from a Christian perspective? Christian counselor Chris Anderson explores.

Real Answers: Social Media and Suicide

05.29.19 | Brandon Dickson

A new report shows a link between excessive social media usage and mental health issues, such as suicide. How can Christians combat this growing epidemic? Christian counselor Chris Anderson explores.

Real Answers: Summer Learning

05.15.19 | Brandon Dickson

How do you keep your child academically engaged when school's out for the summer? Christian counselor Chris Anderson has some practical tips and advice for parents.

Real Answers: Loneliness

05.01.19 | Brandon Dickson

We've all felt it at some point...loneliness. And, it doesn't just affect our state of mind; it also affects our health. Christian Counselor Chris Anderson tells us who is most susceptible, and how we can overcome it.

Real Answers: Self-care

04.17.19 | Brandon Dickson

Most of us suffer stress at work, but workplace anxiety is reaching record highs. Why? Christian counselor Chris Anderson gets to the root of the issue.

Real Answers: Social Anxiety

03.06.19 | Brandon Dickson

It seems to be a fairly common experience today...social anxiety. What is this condition, who's most impacted, and is it treatable? Christian counselor Chris Anderson explores.

Real Answers: Vaping

02.20.19 | Brandon Dickson

It's reached epidemic proportions...vaping or e-cigarettes. What should you know about the dangerous devices? Christian counselor Chris Anderson goes over some staggering statistics, and how parents can keep their kids safe.