Feature Reports

Real Answers: COVID and College

12.09.20 | Brandon Dickson

What have colleges learned from COVID-19 as they prepare for the spring semester? Christian counselor Christopher Anderson discusses.

Real Answers: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Church

11.11.20 | Brandon Dickson

How has the coronavirus changed the church? Why is watching service online a double-edged sword? Christian counselor Christopher Anderson gets to the bottom of those questions with CBN correspondent Chuck Holton.

Real Answers: Seasonal Affective Disorder

09.30.20 | Brandon Dickson

The shorter, cooler days are here, which means now is the time to make sure our mental health is in order. Christian counselor Christopher Anderson goes over some tips and advice on preparing for and dealing with seasonal depression.

Real Answers: Wellness Check

09.16.20 | Brandon Dickson

How are we handling the current and upcoming challenges of this year? Christian counselor Chris Anderson gives advice on how we can overcome obstacles during this pandemic, and conquer the heated political season.

Real Answers: COVID and the College Campus

07.08.20 | Brandon Dickson

What can students and parents do to prepare during this pandemic, as colleges reopen their campuses? What happens if a college kid gets the coronavirus after arriving on campus? Christian counselor Christopher Anderson answers.

Real Answers: What Does It Mean To Be A Man?

06.10.20 | Brandon Dickson

Christian counselor Chris Anderson finds out how to answer that question from Christian author Chuck Holton, when they discuss his new book on "being the man you were meant to be."

Real Answers: Resilience

05.13.20 | Brandon Dickson

Christian counselor Chris Anderson tells us why we should shift away from using the phrase "new normal," and how to remain resilient during the health crisis.

Real Answers: Overcoming Dysfunctional Families

03.18.20 | Brandon Dickson

How do you raise a family differently, when your own family of origin was abusive or dysfunctional? Christian counselor Chris Anderson explores.

Real Answers: Rural Healthcare - Part 2

03.04.20 | Brandon Dickson

Why do we have to wait in the doctor's office when we have a specific appointment time? And, how can we be better patients? Doctor Keith Gembusia of Bolivar, NY tells Christian counselor, Chris Anderson.

Real Answers: Rural Healthcare

02.19.20 | Brandon Dickson

It's a challenge for those that live in rural communities...finding reliable healthcare. Christian counselor Chris Anderson speaks with Dr. Marlene Wust-Smith, a pediatrician in Coudersport, Pennsylvania, to get her take on the issue and to find out what can be done to overcome it.