Feature Reports

Real Answers: Overcoming Dysfunctional Families

03.18.20 | Brandon Dickson

How do you raise a family differently, when your own family of origin was abusive or dysfunctional? Christian counselor Chris Anderson explores.

Real Answers: Rural Healthcare - Part 2

03.04.20 | Brandon Dickson

Why do we have to wait in the doctor's office when we have a specific appointment time? And, how can we be better patients? Doctor Keith Gembusia of Bolivar, NY tells Christian counselor, Chris Anderson.

Real Answers: Rural Healthcare

02.19.20 | Brandon Dickson

It's a challenge for those that live in rural communities...finding reliable healthcare. Christian counselor Chris Anderson speaks with Dr. Marlene Wust-Smith, a pediatrician in Coudersport, Pennsylvania, to get her take on the issue and to find out what can be done to overcome it.

Real Answers: Emotional Spending

02.05.20 | Brandon Dickson

When does spending money become problematic? What should you do if you seem to be making purchases when you're experiencing discomfort? Christian counselor Chris Anderson explores.

Real Answers: Caring for Caregivers

12.11.19 | Brandon Dickson

Who cares for those that take care of others? And, how do we help take some of the stress off of caregivers? Christian counselor, Chris Anderson, explores.

Real Answers: Holiday Stress

11.27.19 | Brandon Dickson

Feeling the stress of the holidays? How do we ease the tension, especially if there's been new life circumstances? Christian counselor Chris Anderson answers.

Real Answers: Social Anxiety

11.13.19 | Brandon Dickson

It's supposed to be a place of peace, but for some, churches can cause social anxiety. Why? What can be done? Christian counselor Chris Anderson explores.

Real Answers: College Anxiety

10.16.19 | Brandon Dickson

Anxiety is on the rise among college students. Why is this, and what's causing it? Christian counselor Chris Anderson explores.

Real Answers: Mass Shootings and White Males

09.04.19 | Brandon Dickson

Many of the mass shootings in the U.S. have one thing in common...White males. What is contributing to this? Christian counselor Chris Anderson explores.

Real Answers: Leaving the Faith

08.21.19 | Brandon Dickson

Why are we seeing some well-known Christians leaving the faith, or struggling with their faith? How do we respond? Christian counselor Chris Anderson has answers.