Feature Reports

News Feature: Prayer and Addiction

10.01.18 | Bill Price

Sue Colwell from Ashville, NY monitors a “Facebook” page for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

News Feature: A Congressman Remembers 9/11

09.11.18 | Bob Price

Remembering 9/11 with Congressman Glenn Thompson of Pennsylvania

News Feature: Supreme Court Kavanaugh Nomination Hearing

09.04.18 | Bob Price

The Supreme Court nomination for Judge Brett Kavanaugh kicks off in contentious fashion. Family Life's Bob Price speaks with PhD commentator Steve Coleman.

News Feature: The Life and Legacy of John McCain

08.28.18 | Bob Price

Dr. Kevin Hardwick at Canisius College in Buffalo talks about the lasting imprint of Arizona Senator John McCain on American political culture.

News Feature: The Trump Stump in Upstate NY

08.14.18 | Bob Price

Leslie Danks-Burke with Trailblazers PAC talks about the political impact of President Trump's recent campaign stop in upstate NY.

Independence Day: Medal of Honor recipient Gary Beikirch

07.04.18 | Terese Main

The Medal of Honor is the United States’ highest military decoration. Rochester, NY native Gary Beikirch received the distinction from President Richard Nixon on October 15, 1973. Listen as he shares about redemption--both in a Vietnam jungle--and in Jesus Christ.

News Feature: Christian Radio in Russia

02.26.18 | Bob Price

Russia is often in the news these days, but did you know that Christian radio is flourishing in the former Soviet Union?

News Feature: Pastors React to the Death of Billy Graham

02.22.18 | Brandon Dickson

Local reaction to the death of Billy Graham. The Family Life news team spent yesterday (Wednesday) talking with our pastors about how this “Giant of the Faith” helped shape their lives. Jared Heaton is the Senior Pastor at Lakewood Baptist Church in Lakewood, New York.

News Feature: Making Politics a Noble Profession Again

02.20.18 | Bob Price

This week, we're speaking to Leslie Danks-Burke, founder of Trailblazers PAC. This former attorney and New York State Senate candidate has made it her life"s mission to restore people's confidence in government.

News Feature: 2017 Year in Review

12.29.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

What were the top news events of the past 12 months? The Family Life News team has put together a montage of the news stories that made headlines in 2017.

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