Feature Reports

News Feature: Coronavirus & Church Restrictions

04.17.20 | Sarah Harnisch

100 Churches and ministries each day are contacting Alliance Defending Freedom --asking about their rights during the coronavirus quarantine. Ryan Tucker, senior counsel with ADF, shares with Family Life's Sarah Harnisch.

News Feature: A Nurse's View of COVID-19

04.17.20 | Sarah Harnisch

There have been 222,000 COVID cases and nearly 15,000 deaths in the state of New York. Family Life's Sarah Harnisch takes you from your home to the front lines in an undercover coronavirus interview with a registered nurse in the heat of the outbreak.

Keeping Yourself Financially Safe in Quarantine

04.17.20 | Sarah Harnisch

Christian personal finance advisor Rachel Cruze, daughter of Dave Ramsey, has some advice on what to do when your stimulus check lands in your bank account.

News Feature: Coming to the Aid of Charities

04.16.20 | Brandon Dickson

The pandemic-spurred shutdown has caused plenty of non-profits to suffer financially. But, one company is looking to help. Kilter Rewards founder, and Syracuse-native Seth Braddock, tells us about his organization.

News Feature: The First-Ever National Backyard Campout

04.15.20 | Brandon Dickson

Trail Life USA is holding the first "National Backyard Campout." The Christian character development organization is hosting the family-fun event on Friday, April 17th. Trail Life USA CEO Mark Hancock tells us all about the "pandemic friendly" event.

News Feature: COVID-19 & the Convoy of Hope

04.14.20 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Sometimes tough times bring out the best in people. Jeff Nene with Convoy of Hope tells us how the non-profit is getting even more meals to people amid the coronavirus crisis.

News Feature: What about Good Friday and Easter?

04.10.20 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Why do Christ followers around the world celebrate Good Friday and Easter? What’s the significance about what Jesus did on our behalf? Tim Maybray, pastor of T-Free Church in Titusville, PA shares a fresh “coronavirus” perspective.

News Feature: Homelife Disruption amid Coronavirus

04.09.20 | Brandon Dickson

With social distancing and "stay-at-home" orders, home can be a pressure cooker of stress and disruptions. Marriage expert Dorothy Greco speaks with Family Life's Brandon Dickson on how to handle the "new normal."

News Feature: Coronavirus Financial Fallout

04.08.20 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Financial expert Darin Koss of Lewisburg, PA helps us navigate some of the economic effects of COVID-19.

News Feature: Covid from a Counselor's Perspective

04.06.20 | Bob Price

How can we stay connected despite social distancing? Jay LaScolea at Enrich Counseling in Corning, NY offers tips on how to cope in the COVID-19 world.

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